03 December 2003

Riding around

Let's just say that we have the Internet. I'm pretty stoked about the whole thing and will be writing more now. For today, I thought I would copy and paste a story from my journal and then go ride my bike.

From a couple of weeks ago:
"Today, during our English class with Koga san (the older gentleman who talked to us about the war last week), we had an exercise where we looked at pictures of people and tried to choose adjectives to describe them. Koga san looked at the first picture of a woman looking very contemplative and came up with a litany of adjectives, from modest to outgoing to arrogant. He added: I can only see her face, but I think she might also be fat. Looking at a picture of “Mr. Johnson,” an older man who seemed annoyed, Koga san decided that he probably had a garden and retired from a company with a very high standing. He’s very content with his life, he said, He likes to spend time with his grandchildren. Koga san also added, He’s probably very opinionated with people younger than him. Looking at a picture of a younger man, smiling, Koga san concluded that he might like women a lot. Dan, laughing, asked if he would go out with Andrea (the first girl). Koga san looked at the pictures again, and decided that they probably wouldn’t."
Yesterday, when describing the ideal student, he said, "Someone who doesn't bother police officers and is clean of drugs and the ladies like him a lot."

Much more soon.