06 December 2003

Teaching death

Best I can tell Friday was a beneficial day for all involved. Let me explain: During our English class this morning, we began talking about the end of the world. Our students were pretty interested. Talked around the subject for the most part, said that one should probably have an idea about what one believes about God regardless of whether the world is going to end or not. We could die tomorrow, right? I said. Our students seemed to agree, as Japanese mostly do about everything you say.

You know, North Korea may not seem like a threat to you all on the other side of the world, but people here are a little bit more aware. That's the backyard, kids: right across the moat.

Last night, now that I have the internet, I watched an in studio performance by The Postal Service. It was pretty sweet. Much better then no live music.

My old man is here and that's been pretty cool. He's doing a good job with all the awkwardness of being in a society that's so wildly different. It made me very aware of how awkward I still am. Sensei seemed to like him so that's cool.

I can only get Japanese google. What's the deal with that?

For what it's worth, I can't find the webpage for the mulleted Japanese boy band that rocked the World Cup Volleyball tournament. I'm more than a little upset. When I find it, I will post it. Either that, or a picture from a toilet here with a guy sitting on a toilet and getting his butt washed.

Speaking of butts, I have this creepy ear rash that I'm trying to get rid of so I went down to the local what-have-you to try and get some anti-itch cream. The best I could find was this stuff that was in a display featuring pictures of like a bunch of different skin irritations. One of them was of some guy's butt, that had like a pimple on it. I don't think that's going to help me at all.