08 December 2003

Butt washers & other miscellanea

One day, I plan to take a ride on a butt washer. They're everywhere here..

Fukuoka got cold all of a sudden. I had to buy mittens and a scarf. I also caught a cold. All of these things are bad things for the most part, except that before our evening class tonight I laid in front of the kerosene heater and got pretty warm pretty quickly. My old man was here over the weekend: he left early this morning. I went with Sensei and Hagino san to take him to the airport and was back at the house by 7:30. I went to bed a second time and when I woke up, the whole weekend felt like the most surreal dream I have ever had. I can't put my finger on what was so odd about it. Of course, I love my father dearly, but the weekend was a little more than I could handle.

I think two of our students were hitting on Dan and I tonight. It was pretty weird.

I like Rilo Kiley. I think that's okay.

Curiously, my moustache is actually coming through. I will post a picture maybe next week. It's not quite there yet. Getting there, but not quite there.

I got to talk to a drunk guy on the train this weekend. He was very excited that the US and Japan are fighting together in Iraq. My dad videotaped some of the conversation. Anyway, it was funny enough.