01 January 2004

So this is the new year

Well, everyone, 2003 passed calmly in Japan. I drank a premium malt beverage and ate Kola yum-yums to my heart's delight. Our apartment building smells heavily of alcohol, especially floors two and three. I'm not complaining.

So this holiday calls for some reflection on main events from this past year, but the list of main events I compiled from this year was ridiculously boring. Frankly, I'm afraid most of my posts have been boring lately.

This Tuesday, I walked over 15 km. At least, I think it was over 15 km. I couldn't stop walking. I just walked and walked. Like Forrest Gump running.

Christmasu (Japanese) was spent at the aquarium. I don't think there is any better way to celebrate the birth of Jesus than by watching fish swim around. And octopuses (or octopi, as DK would say). I love them octopuses.

I finally finished Gravity's Rainbow. I am now one of those people who has read Gravity's Rainbow. Everyone be in awe.

Now, I'm going to enjoy 2004 the best I know how.