26 January 2004


Today Jpop reared its ugly head as one of our pre-Jr. High students wrote "SMAP" on her penmanship (or penpersonship) worksheet. I laughed and pointed at it, exercising a little Japanese and asking if she thought they were good. She very earnestly nodded yes. After some giggling and a little more practicing the "I can...", the girls were pretty adamant that SMAP was Daisuki, which we found in the dictionary to mean their favorite. Anyway, during the conversation, they were asking in Japanese if we had SMAP in America. I said that we didn't, unfortunately. They asked if SMAP had a concert their and I said that I didn't think so. Britney Spears, I said. We have Britney Spears. The girls were really confused so I said, Beliteni Sepeerisu (which I was my best guess at a Japanese pronunciation), but I guess that don't have Britney Spears. SMAP's okay though.

DK talked about SMAP in our later class too, saying that going to SMAP concert would be a kind of entertainment. I don't know if SMAP could really be considered "entertainment." I think that's a little generous.