01 February 2004

Make Love not war

Me and DK and Kagi san went to see some jazz this weekend and it ruled like nothing else. Tiny club, maybe 30 people. There was an American playing the trumpet, but the rhythm section was all Japanese. The drummer took down the house.

Three things sucked about Japan last night: 1) It was so freaking expensive to see the jazz and even more expensive to get something to drink. I'll be able to afford going to the bar maybe once every two months. 2) I got the "geri" after the show. We were walking by a building and I was like, "Okay, I have to use the restroom right now maybe this place has one let's go in and look now now now." That was embarrassing. I don't think Kagi san understood though. "Maybe you drank too much water." 3) A guy totally ralphed all over the train. Right next to where DK and I were sitting. Of course, this is Japan so no one said anything. It smelled so bad, but reminded DK of his days working security at Gurnee Mills so he told me stories of taking care of drunk people in the mall to pass the time.

Besides all that, Japan is now "Nippon sama" to the Dude.

I thought that maybe after making fun of Amazon for their ridiculous “poet” playlist that I might try to write my own playlist. Okay, okay, I’ve had this for a while, but maybe I’ll post it now. My playlist is entitled, “Make Love, not War,” which is a subtle dig at our current conflict with Sa-daam and the Eye-raquis. I know Elizabeth picked full records, but she was only doing that to help Amazon sell records. So screw Amazon, I’m only going to endorse particular songs.

Make War
Bright Eyes
From Lifted Or The Story Is In The Soil, Keep Your Ear To The Ground

The Dude’s note: I mean, it’s called “Make War” so basically that’s why I chose it. I also dig Conor Oberst’s , uh, self-revealing and, uh, emotive, uh, lyrics.

Smashing Pumpkins
From Mellon Collie & The Infinite Sadness-Disc 2-Twighlight to Starlight

The Dude’s note: I know what you’re saying, “But dude this has nothing to do with war.” And you’re right. Good job: you get a cookie. But if you’ll remember this playlist is called “Make LOVE, not War.” So maybe 1979 reminds the dude of love.

Why Don't We Do It In The Road
The Beatles
From Anthology 3

The Dude’s note: Man, it’s called “Why don’t we do it in the road.” Could refer to love OR war.

Love Detective
Arab Strap
From The Red Thread

The Dude’s note: This song is about love TURNING INTO war. And it’s got a great beat (good, again, for love and war).

Lover Come Back To Me
The Dizzy Gillespie Alumni All-Star Big Band
From Things To Come

The Dude’s note: Man, it’s freaking Dizzy Gillespie. I don’t have enough jazz on this list. I mean, love and jazz are like Peanut Butter and Jelly far as I’m concerned.

Sleeping at Last
From Ghosts

The Dude’s note: I’ve gone back and forth on this record and, with a couple of reservations, I think it’s pretty solid. Especially this song. Hoochie mama. And Hoochie mama= Love.

Give Up The War
By Starflyer 59
From Leave Here A Stranger

The Dude’s note: Starflyer 59 is the shizzle and this song is also the shizzle. Plus it’s about war.

With God on Our Side
Bob Dylan (sama)
From MTV Unplugged [Live, 1994]

The Dude’s note: You may remember what I said about this list being a subtle dig at our current situation with Sa-daam and the Eye-raquis. Well this song here is a not-so-subtle dig. Plus, I mean, seriously, it’s Bob Dylan.

When the Coughing Stopped, My Eyes Cleared Up
God's Reflex
From A Brief Lesson in Affection

The Dude’s note: A nice little musical interlude for our Love and War mix. This song says, I’m only a minute 34 seconds long, but maybe that’s just about enough.

Consolation Prizefighter
From Frame and Canvas

The Dude’s note: I’ve been known to enjoy a Braid song now and again. Especially this one. And given that it’s about “fighting” and generally there’s “fighting” in “war,” maybe it’s a good addition to this here playlist.

Second Best
Pedro The Lion (sama)

The Dude’s note: If you’re asking why this song is on the list, you need to go, uh, learn something about Pedro the freaking Lion. Or should I say, The Almighty Pedro the Lion. Come on, man.

Fake Plastic Trees
From The Bends

The Dude’s note: You know, sometimes war and love begin with things that appear real, but really aren’t. Like… Okay, you got it. Further: Radiohead plays this song much better live than on The Bends. The record cut’s okay, but I’d take a live version any day.

The Massacre Went Well
From Navigational

The Dude’s note: A very late addition, but frankly, since Berto turned me on to these guys this last week, I’ve been only impressed. Plus, rounding out our list, maybe a song about a massacre would best summarize the dude’s groove about love and war.

Final Note: Some early additions by Dashboard Confessional and Incubus were cut because I think they suck now. Also, maybe you might want to add “Happiness is a Warm Gun” by The Beatles. Maybe it’s a good song about love and war too.