12 February 2004

Growing classes

I’m committed to not posting any pictures today because I can’t think of anything memorable to say. Tonight, I’m feeling like I might have something to say.

Spring came to Japan. The weather is wonderful. Finally it’s warm enough for me to sleep in my underwear. Since today was so beautiful, I spent most of the day trying to not let the beautiful day slip away (as the feller once said). I think it did slip away. I’m sorry Bono. I let you down. That guy’s name is Bono, right?

Our children’s class this afternoon has been steadily growing. Today we had eight or nine kids, two of them “inspecting” the class. I’m not real clear why some Japanese parents think their three and half year old will benefit from English tutoring when the kid can barely speak Japanese. But we did our best.

Yesterday I went to a Kendo Tournament at the high school because one of our student’s son was supposedly playing (or fighting or sparing or whatever). Kendo was described as Japanese fencing, but that’s a crappy description, I think. There’s a lot more contact and it’s more aggressive than fencing. Anyway, it totally rules. We missed seeing Shiota san’s kid, but still hung out with her and watched the tournament.

I really love Japan these days. I’m trying to stay now. A friend said I change my mind often, and she’s right, but I’m really digging it here these last couple of weeks. As it gets warmer, I think it’s only going to get better. Lastly, my roommate called out from the bathroom today: “Dude, every time I come in here, I step in this little puddle of urine in front of the toilet.” After discussing the physics, we deduced that it was probably my fault and I promised to be more careful in the future.