20 March 2004

To Shelia—

I just went outside to take out the trash and the night was so quiet. No cars, no nothing. I stopped and stood alone in the parking lot, barefoot, listening.

Smashing Pumpkin’s opus “To Shelia—“: a song that reminds me of when life was simpler, in a more complicated way. For me, "To Shelia—" is a kind of silence.
I’m taking a break from studying so I thought I might take some pictures of my fast-paced life. Ishizuka sensei and I have finished our first children’s book that included the story of the Three Little Pigs and this other traditional Japanese story about a mouse trying to get married. Long story short: The mouse gets married. Anyway, We’ve moved on to bigger and better things: Nemuri no Mori no Ohimesama. Nemuri means Sleeping and Mori means Forest, but I’m struggling a bit with Ohimesama. I pretty sure that’s the witch.

More or less, I don’t understand what’s going on.