26 March 2004

Things I do in a day

Today began at 11:30 and before you get all huffy about me not having anything to do, let me explain. Today actually began early this morning as I was waiting up for a call from my old man. He never called and maybe I got to sleep around three. I might also note that I’m on a short, one day Spring vacation. So cut me some slack. Anyway, I got up and showered, sitting down. It usually takes me a while to get going in the morning/ early afternoon and today was no exception. By one, I was just about ready to go on a bike ride when my sister called. She’s in Laredo, Texas building houses for poor people and we talked for about an hour.

By two, I was on my bike headed out to the beach, listening to the Com Lag on my iPod and also some Sigur Ros I downloaded. It was glorious.

At the beach, I studied Japanese, prayed and read the Bible. I also went walking out on the rocks and was going to take a wiz when I noticed this old guy who was up a little higher than me digging through the garbage on the beach and staring at me. I zipped up and pretended that I wasn't trying to pee.

When I got home, it was after five and DK and I talked about this picnic that we’re having for our students on Saturday. Long story short, it’s going to suck. Anyway, we also watched Sumo as there’s at tournament right now. Asashoryo won his match today, if you care.

After that, I made dinner and read some email, wrote some email, paid the bills. Dumb stuff.

Around eight, I got on the bike again and headed for downtown to hang out at the jazz bar, smoke my pipe, drink some wine, and study some more. Riding the bike at night is kind of dumb, but I did okay except for one time when I slipped and almost (ladies might want to skip to the sentence) sent man-land packing, as it were. Anyway, the report from the field came back negative and I kept trucking. A lot of things happen to me when I’m riding my bike, but I don’t care to recount them all right now. The jazz was good, and the wine was okay. I just relaxed basically and worked on some new Kanji. I now understand about 130, making me just about 45 shy from graduating into the third grade.

At eleven, I left the club and road home. As DK has very aptly said about Japan, “She’s a different animal at night.” Tonight was no exception although I didn’t see any drunk people. Prostitution is pretty obvious here. There’s a kind of I’m-okay-you’re-okay attitude towards it. Anyway, I stopped at Mister Donuts, but they were out of Crème Puffs.

That’s about all: I got home at 12:10 and now I’m blogging. I gotta get some sleep because tomorrow we’ve got a dumb staff meeting and lunch together and then we’re all going to CostCo to buy food for our picnic. All that means I’m going to be spending money that I shouldn’t. But that’s okay, man. That’s okay.

David Baker says: “Who can stir without stirring the dead?”