31 March 2004

Cherry blossoms

Things I did today:

1) Bought helmet for scooter (see above)
2) Viewed Cherry Blossoms (see below)
3) Listened to the new Jason Molina record (also see below)
4) Checked out different neighborhoods in Fukuoka that I might move to if I get a placement here in the Fall.

You know, when I had heard that Jason Molina was going to live and sleep in the studio that he was recording his new album in, I rolled my eyes. But I had hope that it might, you know, make the whole thing more organic or whatever. Well, it doesn’t. It sounds like a record that he recorded half-asleep and in his underwear. And I guess that could be cool, but it's not. Maybe it’s just that The Magnolia Electric Co. was so incredible. And don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying the record, but maybe in the future, we should try to get a little bit of depth in what we're doing rather than rolling out of bed and whining for 41 minutes.

These are the aforementioned Cherry blossoms, all up and over the place in Fukuoka. Sorry for the B/W.

Also, this weekend we had our freaking English Class cookout. I made this salad.

We made S’Mores too and I think Kento kun really tore it up.

Anyway, that’s that.

I also got the new Damien Jurado record in the mail today. Again, I’m disappointed, and I’m going to piss some people off by saying this, but screw it: He’s hanging around with Rosie Thomas too much. “Matinee”? “The movies are cheaper during the day”? Come on, dude. That’s bush-league. Sounds like: “I Play Music!” You’ve fallen so far from Ghost of David. Two crappy records and now I’m not sure I want to be your fan anymore.

David Bazan, you’d better not disappoint me. Oh please, please.

Luckily, Sigor Ros continues lift up my spirits in the wind like a wind-chime or something like a wind-chime.
This is now public knowledge so share in the publicity: I have decided to stay in Japan past my one year tenure with the EFC of Japan, but I will not be continuing with the church in Fukuoka. Rather, I will be seek employment, probably with either AEON or NOVA (both ESL schools/ companies) in Japan. As it stands now, I plan to stay in Japan an additional two years from October, and maybe longer, depending on who I marry (oh, the gossip!)

Also, today I bought a scooter.

Maybe, I'll write a little more in the morning.

(David Baker say: "Whom to believe? This is our central task.")