13 April 2004


After reading about Timmy's birthday on Elizabeth's site, I realized that the worst part of being away from home is missing moments like these. Well, dear loved ones, I miss you and would have done just about anything to have shared the merry-go-round with you.


Today, I went out to the beach to read the Bible/ pray/ study Japanese, but promptly fell asleep leaning up against a cement wall and listening to Sigor Ros. Anyway, I awoke to the faint sound of someone speaking Japanese to me and when I opened my eyes, I saw an old Japanese woman and her dog: the old Japanese woman was asking me about something. We had a short but lively conversation about California, my scooter, her dog, and the church, all in Japanese. Although I am only able to understand about 40% of what is said to me, I'm now able to pick out what I can't undestand and ask the person what it means. This woman, by means of explaining words I couldn't understand, just repeated the words back to me loudly. Also, in Japanese, you call tell that a question is being asked of you if the sentence ends with the particle "ka." You then can just respond with "yes" and about 75% of the time be okay. Anyway, the woman was nice enough. The dog pissed on the wall about ten feet from me.

Endnote 1: Maybe I need a haircut.