17 April 2004


This is interesting to me: Land is a commodity. I’ve been thinking about this. You can buy land. Does this seem stupid to anyone else? Let me explain: the Earth has been around for forever, but one day, a guy came along (probably named Orge) and said, “This here, this is Orge’s land. It belongs to Orge and Orge’s family.” Then he kills anyone who tries to live on his land. Well, time passes and Orge’s family gets weak and one day, some other guy (we’ll call him Brutus), decides, “Hey, I like Orge’s land, so I’m going to take it away from him. Here Orge: eat my freaking stone hammer, you overgrown ape-man.” And so he kills Orge and Orge’s family and lives on the land. This happens a couple of thousand times and before long, the decendents of Orge and Brutus decide that instead of killing each other for land: Let’s just trade land for other valuable things, like beaver pelts and beer. And guns. Now, here, we just give each other money and by giving someone money, you can have their land. But what has that person done to own that land? Nothing, really. It all started with Orge’s decision to say, This is Orge’s land.

Not that I think owning land is bad. I just think it's silly.

Today, I bought a Japanese graphic novel. I know only nerds like Anime, graphic novels and this sort of thing, but really, in Japan, everybody's into it, not just the nerds.

I was also going to write about a disabled boy asking me for money, but I don't think I have the energy right now.