19 April 2004

Property ownership

I can see that my commentary on property ownership fell on deaf ears. Well, that’s fine. I mean, we can’t all be Marxists.

Today was a great day. I just got home from hanging out with the Englishmen downtown. We went to a Japan-specific entertainment venue: a media mall. At the media mall, there are many different tiny booths for folks to watch DVDs or play video games. There are computers for the internet and a ton of Graphic novels/ magazines. And also billiards which is the reason we went. Superb Dan (from England) shlacked me several times and explained to me English rules for the game. Apparently, in England one doesn’t “scratch” the cue ball, rather one commits a “foul.” Also, one don’t “sink” balls, one “pots” them. I made fun of England a little because that’s what you do.

We played for 45 minutes and it was ¥420 which isn’t too bad I guess. We could have drank coffee, tea or pop for free too, but I missed out on that. Anyway, Superb Dan and I went looking throughout the media mall for Dan’s girlfriend, Suewan (or her name sounds like swan), and Dan said, upon returning to the waiting area where I was, “A’lota of porn behind those curtains then.” I guess there are other things one may do at the media mall.

Tenjin (downtown Fukuoka) is really gorgeous at night. We walked over the river through the park. It had rained and the air was just perfect.

Having been caught in the rain on the way home, I'm drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn, in my underwear.