29 April 2004

National holiday

Today is a national holiday in Japan. Unfortunately, all that means is that I can't get the Poptarts that Sarah sent me because the Post Office is closed. Fortunately, I do get to go fishing with Aoki san. He works in waste management, goes to our church, and is looking for a wife.

Who let the haters in the game?

My I-love-my-mother speech is mostly translated. Tomorrow, it will undergo complete revision at the hands of a native speaker, but for right now, I feel like I can speak the Japanese.

Please note my listening selection, reminiscent of one of the greatest Flunk Days ever: under the pine trees, listening to this record for the first time. For everyone that remembers that night, throw your diamonds in the air.

Oh yeah, right: Kanye West's "Jesus Walks" is incredibly interesting. If you've heard it (and if you haven't it's on rotation at his site), let me know what you think.

I too need Jesus like Kathie Lee needed Regis.