29 April 2004


I decided to buy freaking Xanga Premium today and I said, Screw it — let's go Premium. Anyway, my goal now is to become a featured site. Come on featured site, don't fail me now.

Okay, I might also note that at the end of this blog there may be a picture of me without my shirt on. Consider yourself forewarned or, for the ladies, you might want to just scroll down right now and take a look.

Well, as mentioned earlier we went fishing today, and let me tell you, it ruled. I caught three freaking fish. "But Stephen," you say, "The moral evil of fishing?" Man, give up the war.

The first fish gave me a little bit of a struggle, you know, but being the master, uh, fisherperson that I am I totally took advantage of it. We put it in our "fish to eat" container, but later threw it out. The aforementioned two other fish didn't get pictured, but I ate one of them tonight and it was okay as far as fish goes. I stayed away from the stomach and other organs. So that was pretty cool, I guess.

Afterwards we went back to the Verme's and hung out. There were some kids jumping on the trampoline and I tried to talk to them in Japanese. They went through my wallet and wanted to see some American money. They also wanted to know if we have big backyards in the States. They played with my camera too. I got stupid, wicked sunburn. I look ridiculous.

I'm really curious now to see if this turned out, so I'm going to stop writing now and check it out. You kids, you're special to me.