04 April 2004


Recent pictures on my blog inspired the short film: “Faith”. MC can be given credit, solely, for the idea. I think this film is about a lot of things, but mainly how to love patiently and the strength that comes from saying, “For me, for this very moment, all I have and all I need is love. And that love is more than I can ever ask to have.”

I thought I had gotten such a good deal on this scooter, but now incidental costs have risen to just under $250. Yeah, that’s right. But I’m in it for the long haul and tomorrow night, provided I can pass an eye test and a simple written test, I should be riding my Vino all over the island. That’s best case scenario, of course. Given my history with the Japanese and especially Japanese bureaucracy (heightened by the fact that my translator believes in never cutting corners, ever), I’m guessing I should be on my scooter by early to mid- June.

Anyway, “Faith” may become a trilogy of short-shorts so let me know if you felt the jibe. That is to say, if you felt the mojo. Which really just means, if it got your mojo going.