08 April 2004

Slow speed collisions

I've learned this week that in a slow speed collision between a scooter and a parked car, the scooter will almost never win. Rather, the scooter will become scratched, cracked and dented and the rider of the scooter will hurt his hand. This rider, for one, is outraged.

For those of you who were following the story of Ohimesama, she totally woke up at the end after having been kissed by the Oojisama. That guy rules.
.          .         .         .
There's very little I remembered about the NeverEnding Story except that the Empress made me feel many new and strange feelings.

Also, in defense of my manhood, DK picked out The NeverEnding Story, not me. Well, he also got "Das Boot" so maybe it evens out.