09 April 2004

I trust T. William Walsh

What’s up, Pedro the Lion's new album Achilles Heel. I trust T. William Walsh as well. No let down — this is will probably be up in there in my three favorite Pedro records. “Bands with Managers” feels like a sweet, sweet swing in a hammock on a cool summer evening with a special member of the opposite sex. Not that I know what that feels like. Which makes me a little bit angry: opposite sex, you have fallen down on the job.

Lots of frustration about the Christian religion these days, namely because I’ve been reading the Bible seriously again. I’ve been trying to write about it, but I can’t. Anyway, to solve the problem of frustration, I’ve taken to reading myself to sleep with the Psalms.

More things I’ve learned from scooter ownership: Touch-up paint is a joke. I don’t care what the display shows, your touch-up job will look like a small child has spread paint all over your new scooter. New solution: Sticker. That’ll cover it right up and I wanted to get a sticker for it anyway. I might also like to ask the cosmos for my 478 ¥ back. If you see, the cosmos, tell them I’m pissed and I want my money back.

Check out, the Hell House too. I think this is funny.