14 July 2004


 Kamiryo sensei, one of my students, was silly enough to wager me that someone will be able to overtake Asashoryu and win at the Nagoya Basho this week. Come on Kamiryo Sensei. Isn't that a little silly? If I win, Kamiryo Sensei is bringing me some fried chicken, so I'm pretty happy about that. If I lose, I gotta bring him beer and potato chips. But there's no way Asashoryu is going to lose. I mean, he's the Morning Blue Dragon.

In unrelated news, I didn't get the freaking job with ALTIA. They're still stringing me along though as they said another position may open up in the next couple of weeks. I just applied for a couple of new jobs, just now. We'll see. Someone, throw me a frickin' bone.

Also, I'm not going to marry people. I interviewed for the job and felt that pretending to marry people in Jesus' name with a big dumb cross around my neck would probably incur the wrath of the Almighty more so than my current life of at least striving for holiness. I couldn't see doing that and telling people that Jesus was blessing them when in fact, I was pretty sure that he wasn't. All that means I still have my soul. My virginity may be lost somewhere on the Knox campus, but I still have my soul. And I don't intend to sell that.

Earlier, I asked if anyone liked the Velvet Teen. Now I'm asking, who would like to see the Velvet Teen with me in Chicago in August? Zehi.