17 July 2004

Still out of money

If you know when my Japanese class is supposed to be, please e-mail me.

I wrote a long entry on Thursday about the struggle of trying to keep our 16 year-old apartment guest entertained this last week, but I wasn't pleased with it as a whole. Here are several excerpts:

"Yesterday, we saw Fukuoka City on a shoestring budget as Steve-o doesn’t currently really have any money. But the thing is, if you’ve ever tried to entertain a sixteen year-old boy before, unless, you know, you have maybe a small army of midgets or some famous rock band, it can’t be done. But I tried, dear diary, I tried."

"Sometime during the day, I mentioned that I was going to a festival in Hakata on Thursday at like 5 in the morning. It’s the most famous festival in Japan and involves half-naked men running through the streets, carrying one-ton portable shrines, and shouting, “Oisa!” Yeah, I know, it rules. Anyway, I mentioned this to Ariel and said that he could go except that there weren’t any trains. I sort of mentioned off hand that if he took the last train and stayed out all night… Well, that sounded great to him and I realized as I was saying it that I couldn’t let him hang out by himself all night downtown."

"Anyway, because I was/ am still out of money, I decided to stick him on the train and take my motorbike with very precise instructions as to where we were to meet. So I went downtown to meet him and got to our meeting place, and, that’s right, no Ariel. I called Dan to see if he went back to the apartment which he had as he was stopped by the police on the way to the train station. His story about the police officer didn’t really stack up as the time he left, how long he said he talked to the officer, and when he came home didn’t really match up with when he actually left and when he actually came home. Whatever."

I did go to the Yamakasa Festival alone and it did rule.