25 July 2004

Summer Camp

There is a good chance that I won’t get this post off tonight, but if you’re reading this then I guess I made it. First, thanks to everyone who sent their love to my bum. After several relaxing and, uh, healing soaks in the Japanese public bath, things have returned to normal for the most part. So thank-you.

I spent the last two days out in the boonies of Japan doing a summer camp with 24 kids, four seminary students, DK, and the pastor of our church and his family. Being that I don’t speak Japanese at a functional level, I spent a majority of the time trying to figure where I was supposed to be and what everyone what talking about it. Me and DK did a lot of talking to the kids in English, though. There is nothing better than putting your arm around a Japanese 1st grader and saying, “Whatever happens, I won’t give up.”

I was able to get out of the weekend without any injuries which I consider an accomplishment as a punch to the crouch is apparently an appropriate form of entertainment for boys here. 

In related news, a highlight of the weekend was standing around naked after taking a bath and trying to get the boys to put some deodorant on.

There was totally a time when we had to catch fish with our bare hands in this tank of water. I did my part. I might also mention the reason I have my sleeves rolled-up like a redneck is because I am currently 4 different shades of tan. I’m trying to fix things a little bit.

You probably all know this because you went to public school, but I didn’t realize how much grade school boys and girls dislike each other. I mean they would have nothing to do with the opposing team. Nothing. Well, one day.

When we all had to draw our pictures of what we thought God looked like, one kid drew a picture of a guy with blonde hair and a soul patch.

Anyway, if you’d like to see more, I suggest you check out this and look under, “Whatever happens, Yuto". I'll try to get that up sometime tomorrow. Now, I'm going to sleep. Please, keep it real until later.