06 July 2004

I bend

I had just about the least patriotic Fourth of July that one can have as it mostly involved speaking Japanese, watching sumo and watching the Euro Cup Final with Superb Dan and Suewan, the Englanders. But I’m not complaining as I enjoyed all those things a great deal more than watching fireworks and eating hot dogs. Greece totally won the Euro Cup Final, not that I really cared either way, but it was cool to see the underdog win. Also, after Greece won, one of the players from Portugal was crying like a little baby. I think that’s pretty much uncalled for. If you’re going to cry like a little baby, well, in my book you got bigger problems than losing the Euro Cup.

I’m getting over Avril Lavigne as now I’m obsessed with someone who is neither a celebrity or a poser.

I think the NY Times is running a “Elect John Kerry at all Freaking Costs” campaign. Today’s article made me proud to be American and also yearn for change in this great, great land of ours while simultaneously wishing George Bush would fall into an abandoned coal mine. That’s right, New York Times? That’s what you wanted me to feel?

July Sumo Tournament means my life now revolves around being in front of a TV from 5:30- 6:00 to see Asashoryo have his way with whomever he’s having his way with on a given day.