01 October 2004


I'm gonna pretend that you all care how I think the debate between John Kerry and George Bush went. So it won't come as any surprise that I think Kerry had his way. Here's why: Bush's stances are reinforced not by facts, but by saying the same thing over and over. "Saddam Hussein was a threat." Yeah, I'll buy that once you tell me why. Bush said, "John Kerry is inconsistent." John Kerry responds saying that ::gasp:: you can have a qualified support for war and when the the qualifications aren't met you can pull your support. Bush's response? The only thing consistent about my opponent's position is that it's inconsistent. Yeah? What does that mean? He just kept reading from his talking points.

I think Bush is a good guy. He's doing what he thinks is right. And I respect that. I think he's wrong, but not bad.


Tonight, I'm going to a club. To see some jazz, mingle, drink some coffee.

First year elementary kids are like ants. They just swarm everywhere. How am I supposed to teach them anything? Who's the leader? Someone, take me to the leader.