31 December 2004

Going back to Japan

I've been writing late when I shouldn't and I guess tonight won't be an exception. I'll be back in Japan this time next week which is a nice, though a little unsettling. The weather here is so much like Niigata, all wet and warm. One of the last nights I was home, I walked out to the ocean and the air was exactly the way it was tonight. Maybe this doesn't bother anyone but me: the stars are the same here and Japan. The sky looks exactly the same.

Everyone was over tonight and it was perfect.

17 December 2004

A *looker*

They finally did it. They stole my bike. This means, now, I have to buy a new means of bike-like transportation and have opted to buy another scooter. The one I have purchased was dirt cheap and isn't really a *looker* but neither am I so it's okay. This will also give me a chance to take my dream vacation this summer, riding it down to Fukuoka and camping by the Sea of Japan for a couple of weeks.

I will be back in the States a week from Thursday, but before I get bum-rushed, let's just say, make it to Galesburg by the 31st for all sorts of enlightening times, including a mock English lesson in which I will teach Tom to say, *I am a boy.* Or maybe teach Timmy to say, *This is a pencil.* Hard work, I know.

I have to opt out of going to my year ending *drink your troubles away* parties because of ridiculously high entrance fees. I don't know what I'm going to do with my troubles.

I saw the most kick-ass film about the Sex Pistols.

06 December 2004


There are a lot of things I don't mind being criticized about, but my stroke count for the number 5 isn't one of them. A teacher stopped my class to tell me to please use a different stroke count when I wrote the number 5 on the board. Come on now.

Well, I think I passed my test. Now, I start getting ready for Level 2.

Tokyo was everything I imagined it would be, again. Saw so many things again that are beyond description. The palace grounds at dusk are so haunting. Such a perfect place.

Also saw my dad. I noted in my journal at home that I doubted we would get away from talking politics and religion. We didn't. It sucked.

Longer entry coming later this week, I'm sure.

01 December 2004

Lesson plans

At school right now, drinking coffee and working on my lessons plans.

This weekend I'm going to Tokyo to take that freaking test and hang out with my old man. I love Tokyo more than I love a lot of things. Except you, dear reader.