17 December 2004

A *looker*

They finally did it. They stole my bike. This means, now, I have to buy a new means of bike-like transportation and have opted to buy another scooter. The one I have purchased was dirt cheap and isn't really a *looker* but neither am I so it's okay. This will also give me a chance to take my dream vacation this summer, riding it down to Fukuoka and camping by the Sea of Japan for a couple of weeks.

I will be back in the States a week from Thursday, but before I get bum-rushed, let's just say, make it to Galesburg by the 31st for all sorts of enlightening times, including a mock English lesson in which I will teach Tom to say, *I am a boy.* Or maybe teach Timmy to say, *This is a pencil.* Hard work, I know.

I have to opt out of going to my year ending *drink your troubles away* parties because of ridiculously high entrance fees. I don't know what I'm going to do with my troubles.

I saw the most kick-ass film about the Sex Pistols.