20 January 2005

Making kids cry

I've had two days of making kids cry. Yesterday was entirely my fault as I kind of picked on a kid that I thought would be a good sport about it. That was a really, really bad call. Then today, I made a little girl cry, but I'd rather blame that situation on the fact that Japanese society doesn't create safe places for young girls to express themselves so they're all terrified of making a mistake in front of people. When Steve-o, the ALT from Excitement Town, shows up, all bets are off.

The woman who started the rumor about me and my Chinese girlfriend saw me today and realized that it wasn't me that she saw going to China, but another teacher who doesn't look anything like me, but is American. So much for my playboy reputation. I guess I'll go back to wearing sweatpants at home.

Also, I want to move to Korea.