04 January 2005

New Years in the US

I'm reading the most fabulous short story by James Kennedy. It's called "The Lam of Hal Hamburger."

"Did you know that the center of the moon is filled with water? Maybe you did, but I bet you didn't know you could take a little submarine rides in it... We went in and floated there, and my insides did flips, and it was dim and I was nervous and then she coiled her weird warm body around me and held me and we looked into the dark cold moon waters with the sad fish and drifting red and gold masses of spindly weeds and blobs of goo, and she bit me. She bit me hard. I tried to shout but I could hardly whisper and she kept biting, her teeth sank deep inside me, and I tried to squirm away but she coiled tighter around me, whispering sweet, sweet and biting. I said, 'What are you doing?' 'I am eating you,' she whispered."