28 February 2005

Bright Eyes

On Sunday, I woke up to the mailman ringing and bringing me the two Bright Eyes records that I have been waiting my whole life for, it seems. So I laid in bed before church and listened to the one that's actually really good. And I'm sure you've heard it so I won't bother you with quoting lyrics or talk about how dreamy what's-his-face is (although I'm sure all of that is true). But it's fabulous and I love it and I want to be swallowed up by it.

Speaking of being swallowed, I took another turn at watching *Apocolyps Now* (there's an I in there somewhere, I just know it). The last time I saw it, I slept through most of second half. Well, I missed a good one, let me tell you. I liked it enough to maybe watch the last 45 minutes again tonight. In school, I read so much about Vietnam for that project I was doing, but it never really got into me until last year. Like I hadn't heard what I read, I had just kind of put it on lay-a-way. Now that I'm a 4.8 point Pacifist (that's out of five), it's become very useful. Especially when talking to my dad.

DeWalt, that older brother of mine, is one sterling thinker. I hope he helps change the world and let's me in on a little of the action.

I think I might have a part-time job in the next couple of weeks. I sense it. You know that a low rate for a private English teacher in Japan is like $35 an hour? That's insane. I think I'll be able to affoard school in the fall and make Tom's wedding should someone see how wonderful I really am.

Because I'm wonderful, right?