17 March 2005

Last full day of this school year

Today marks my last full day of this school year. I made a kid so angry that he started crying and threw both of his shoes and one of his socks at me while I was leading Simon Says. He was pissed. Real pissed.

I've got my fingers crossed that a job will open up in Niigata for me to work with the city here. If not, dude might have to pack up again in August. I'm not looking forward to doing that. But I can't attain my lofty goals in my current situation. My company certainly fulfills a purpose, but they don't seem to really care about their employees keeping their jobs and (or) performing well. Dude's pulling his weight, but I won't go under the bus for these folks. I would for this job in Shiga ken though. It's sweet, up in the mountains and whatnot. Close to Kyoto too. Also about $8,000 more a year to do the exact same thing as I'm doing here.

American History X, viewed at the behest of Mr. Berto, was a stunned/ stunning film.