07 March 2005


I've been getting into these ranting moods lately and I think I need to stop. Last night, my family called at 11:30, after I had gone to bed so I was kind of pissy and ranted to my sister for a half-hour more-or-less about how I didn't think punishment discourages bad behaviour and that as long as we used punishment as a means to get bad kids to behave, the bad kids were only going to get worse. Anyway, I got going pretty bad, so much so that I couldn't get back to sleep for another hour. For what it's worth, my desires for a procreation companion have subsided again, and I'm back to thinking I don't ever need to marry anyone. Sufficiency is a wonderful, isn't it? Well, until next week.

Tonight, I'm helping a couple of people write up a doctrinal statement for our cell group/ church. It's going to be interesting. I wrote one for myself on Saturday and it was great. I was surprised what got in and what didn't get in. Next, a statement on art and language, starting with , I believe all words are have value and usefulness, necessarily.

See, that wasn't so hard?

Dang, the first graders had the best questions for me: What does the French flag look like? Are you America? In America, do you eat rice with your hands? What kind of woman are you looking for? How much cash do you have on you? These kids. They're incorrigible.

What does that mean, by the way: they're incorrigible? It's from a Seinfeld.