22 April 2005


I'm taking a quick break from my very first stab at translating. That's right, dude is being hit up to do some simple Japanese to English and I couldn't be happier. Except this: Japanese and English are different in just about every way, so even if you can read a sentence in Japanese, it doesn't mean you can translate it. Or even if you know what something means in Japanese, it doesn't mean you can say it in English. Like, おいしく食べてください。A good word-for-word translation of this might be, *Deliciously eat this food, please.* Well, I've been out of the States for a couple months but, best I can tell, we don't ever say that, do we?

Also, I'm busting it to get my Chinese character knowledge up to that of a twelve year-old. It's hard. Real hard. But by the end of June, just call me a seventh grader.

I have a headache too, I think.