30 April 2005

You have no choice, but to...

Today, in Japanese class, I learned about six different ways to say, *It can't be helped, but...* and *I can't not be not helped, but* or *You have no choice, but to...* or *It's regretable, but you must...* You learn so much about the Japanese when you learn Japanese. You can't help but not be not helped by your study of the native language. Take that to the bank, Ramon.

Also, I lost at bowling after Nadina, my friend from Canada, said before her first frame, *I've never done ten pin bowling before. What do I do?* and I did my best to explain the the-ins-and-outs of our strange, Yankee game. Anyway, she then beat everyone including Lee, the Korean Wonder (who is also, you'll be interested to know, strangely afraid of dogs) and Emiko who did extremely well considering an earlier dislocated shoulder injury. I drank Coke from a glass bottle.

Now, I will go to Hokkaido. And for all the rest, I think I'll take the fifth.