10 May 2005

Teach them to speak English yourselves

With my computer broken, all I feel like doing is bemoaning my broken computer. Oh, how I hate that my computer is broken. Oh this, oh that.

Also, today, these kids had it in for me. Like 40 of them. I lost control of a class for the second time in my career as an ALT. There was nothing that could be done. I just sat back and watched while the teacher (who I swear checked his balls at the door) passively tried to quiet the children. My rule: the kids get physical with the dude in a mean-spirited way, I am out of the game. Teach them to speak English yourselves.

Now that I got that off my chest, I can talk about how great it feels to pay of student debt. I paid off all my student debt yesterday. Now, I am going to swap my old TV for a newer, bigger one and then start saving for grad. school. It never ends.

I'm also thinking a little bit about getting a *nice* sofa that being from Tokyo Interior rather than the second-hand store. That's right. Just call me Nancy Homemaker.

Other than that, I have a headache and am supposed to give a three to five minute speech on the school TV about how Japanese schools differ from American schools. This is a problem because I didn't prepare anything and never do really well speaking the Japanese off the cuff and I never went to elementary school so I can't really comment. Everything I know about school I learned from *Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing* and those Ramona books.

*Are you there God, it's me Margaret* tried to teach me about the menstrual cycle, but I was just confused as to why the book ended with Margret getting her period. This perplexed me: How does one *get* a period? Grammar is certainly spell-binding, I thought, especially when you find it in your underwear. I was disappointed to later learn it was just a bunch of blood and junk.