18 May 2005

Descretion business

You know you've been in Japan too long when you get $200 in unexpected bills and think, *Well, that's not too bad.*

So this Quran desecration business, I'll weigh in:
  1. Why are we so surprised that some guys might have flushed a Quran down the toilet? Does anyone remember the pictures of the dude with the bag over his head and balls wired to a car battery? The Times reported yesterday that this is not the first time this sort of thing has happened anyway and complaints go back two years. 
  2. I like how the White House is all pissed and shaking their heads and saying, *This is serious. People DIED in those protests.* Since when does the White House care about 15 dead civilians? How many times have you read a story that says, *Eight Marines were killed. There was not an immediate civilian count, the Pentagon said.* We aren't counting civilian bodies. Or better yet: *This hurts our reputation abroad.* Yes, well, we threw that down the crapper a while ago. I thought we didn't care about our reputation as long as we are punishing evil-doers.  
  3. On the other side, I'll take a more sympathetic look at Pakistan's or Iran's call for *human rights* when they stop making laws about what or where you may or may not wear/ say/ do/ go based on what is found betwixt your legs. You can't cry about human rights and then not let the ladies go to the football game. Ridiculous.