27 May 2005

Wing wang

Boy, did those kids have my number today.

Well, in Japan, any picture of the primary sexual charactertics of either the male or female human species is strictly prohibitted. This includes all images, everywhere. Pretty silly I think as I was watching a Beato Takeshi film last night and the scene in which Beato Takeshi kicks the shit out of this guy in the public bath, Beato Takeshi's wing wang is covered by a black dot. I asked my Japanese teacher about this and she didn't understand what I was talking about. I drew a picture of a stick man with a black dot over his wing-wang and said, *No wing-wang.* She just laughed and told me it was required by law. I said, *That's ridiculous. Why can't I see Beato Takeshi's wing-wang? I'm a grown man.* and she said, *What's a wing-wang?*