01 June 2005


I interviewed for the best job available in Japan for a person of my education level. That feels good. I just have to beat out two other saps. Not saps. Probably brilliant people that could beat the whiz-nit out of me. If I lose, well, you know, whatever.

I might move into a house with some people. Jim, the missionary from Shibata (who's not involved in the move), said it would sort of be like Friends.

So back to speaking English to my kids without caring if they understand what I say or not: Today this kid was making animal noises during lunch just sort of for his own entertainment and I said to him, *Dude, you know, if that's your thing, I say keep it up. Not enough people are out there doing their own thing, and you got a thing. With the pig noises and everything. Keep it up.*

Then I read some kids Dr. Seuss' *I'm NOT going to get up today!* When I finished, I asked them in Japanese if they understood, and one of the kids answered, *That boy wants to sleep. And he keeps sleeping even if the police or the penguins come.*

I also got hit hard in the balls twice today by kids rushing me during Color Touch Game.
Also, one of the teachers also told me that I was good at soccer after seeing me out race a second-grader for the ball. Right on.