20 June 2005

Well-meaning, short-term missioners

Well, we had another group of well-meaning, short-term missioners out at the church today. You guessed it: singing, dancing, awkward drama with people dressed in black and Jesus in white, uncomfortable testimonies with crying. I don't have the heart to be real skeptical about it because it reminded me so much of my college years. Yes, I too was a bright-eyed, bushy-tailed Evangelical who, if given another year, probably would have come out to a country like Japan to do some drama.

Well, they were good kids, at least. I can call them kids because next week I'll be 23.

You know what I hate: when someone says, *My book was published this spring,* when, in fact, they paid a company to PRINT their book for them and then gave their book of stories to their friends. That doesn't count. I'm sorry.

Lastly, Christian art has all the controversy and excitement of a Matchbox 20 record.

And in the face of all this? That's right: Jay-Z say, *Put me anywhere on God's green earth, I triple my worth.*