29 June 2005

10 Things in Japan Today

10 Things in Japan Today
  1. Rainy season, it comes in a day. On Wednesday afternoon at 4:40, it is clear.
  2. The ocean, it is a mystery to me. How the beach is made, re-made.
  3. A picture of Bob, it has a beard. It is a beard.
  4. Jen Tynes' voice, it is a memory.
  5. June 27 and 28, it is a memory.
  6. Seven kids following me, it is a post-poned trip to the bathroom.
  7. 16 rings of Chinese Character flashcards, it is contained in a plastic bag.
  8. My motorbike, it hasn't been starting right away.
  9. The Agano River, it is swelling with mud.
  10. Clouds moving in, it one thing and many things.