08 June 2005

Matsuken Samba

As it's becoming increasingly clear that very little matters in my job except smiling and keeping a couple of people happy, I've kind of done some cutting back on the things I might have worried about before. Today, for instance, I am not wearing a dress shirt and I haven't shaved and I didn't really get a lot of sleep last night. The shirt is the only new thing, but it's too freaking hot to wear a dress shirt or a tie. Plus, I'm teaching them Head and Shoulders. This isn't rocket science and I'm sweating.

 Also, I've taken to singing the Mastuken Samba theme loudly as I am walking down the halls. Today, I got about five fifth grade boys to follow me, dancing and singing and we all stopped at the sinks where a bunch of girls were brushing their teeth and sang and danced for them too. Yesterday, during the Do You Like...? Lesson I was asking all the sixth grade boys if they like the sixth grade girls and all the girls if they liked me.

Anyway, I say, Viva Samba. Ma-tsu-ke-n Saaaaaaaaa-m-baaaaaaaaaaa. OLE!

PS You want a sweet part-time job? All you gotta do is work for me. Here's the deal: I have cds mailed to you, you rip them and email me the mp3's and then hold the cd's until I return to the states (in 2030). I will pay you something I'm sure. Plus you'll get a bunch of cds on loan.