20 July 2005

Sexy swimsuit

I wore my sexy swimsuit out of the apartment today because Mr. Ishikawa asked me to participate in the 5th grade swimming class. You remember swimming class, right? There was a lot of panic about being in the water, fear of drowning, etc, etc? I guess to be honest, the kids were pretty much under control, but I had a couple of weird moments of panic. The first occured when I had to hold a 5th grade girl under water with my foot for 10 seconds. She's gonna freak out, I thought, but she didn't and managed fine. Then she had to hold me down which, of course, she sucked at as I weigh like four times as much as her. So Mr. Ishikawa had like six kids put their little feet on my back and hold me down. It was weird. I almost lost it under there. I thought about something else and I listened to them all count to ten in Japanese. I used the kick board too.

I hated swimming class as a kid. Too much pressure, too much terror. You know you can die swimming, right? You can't die playing baseball.

But I know what you're all thinking, and yes, I was very sexy in my new $30 swimsuit.