23 July 2005


Flirting in Japanese isn't really that hard.

The Summer of 2005 is shaping up to be one of the best ever, I think. I've just been having a freaking blast in all the best ways. The Japanese is finally at a point that I can talk to people about stuff and get my point across. The ocean is beautiful. What happens if we add falling in love to this list? What happens?

Probably the funniest conversation from tonight came when I asked Kenji if he wanted to go swimming in the ocean with me. He was sort of nervous about it, and said something to the extent of, "Swimming, huh? Swimming might be a little..." but then first girlfriend said, "You are NOT swimming tonight." Suddenly, Kenji wanted to swim, "Yeah, that's a great idea, let's go swimming." Oh love.

I think I officially have a problem with a main Christian teaching and you're going to help me solve it.  Christians say that Jesus "paid the price of our sins on the cross." That Jesus died in the place of me and you and some other people. By why does that make any sense? Have you ever heard of a person being punished in the place of another person and this being just? It's not jiving anymore.

Also, if I hear another party line answer to this question, I will jump out of the second floor window of my apartment. And probably fall and kill a cat.