28 July 2005

Moving on up

We’re going to take a short break from talks of the atonement to address more trivial pursuits.

I quit my job on Sunday and signed a contract with my new school. This means that I have three days left of teachers' meetings in the elementary schools at the end of August and come September 1st, I will be working only for the prestigious Meikun High School. I just like saying that, the prestigious Meikun High School. People have been asking me where I work lately and I say, Oh, at Meikun. Oh, at Meikun — I like the ring of that. No more butt-poking, which seems to be the dominant passtime for elementary school students in this country. Meikun is also in the freaking prefectural baseball championship: big news in this area. All the games have been on TV. It’s cool. Oh, yeah I work for that school.

And yeah, no offense to NASA or whatever, but shouldn’t making sure that the shuttle will likely stay together upon lift-off be right up there on the list of priorities? They delayed the launch because the fuel gauge was broken, but that seems a little less important than, you know, the shit staying together. If the dude was in charge?

"NASA reportedly delayed the space shuttle Columbia's mission today to make sure 'all that shit sticks together.' Senior NASA official Stephen Pihlaja was quoted as saying, 'We've been having a lot of problems with shit sticking together lately. We just wanna make sure none of our shit comes apart this time.'"

::thinks hard:: No… no, I don’t think there’s anyway to blame the terrorists for this. Oh, wait… No, I got nothing.

I cleaned my car for a girl? Yes, I cleaned my car for a girl.

If this doesn’t get some conversation started then I’m going to have to do something more drastic.