01 August 2005

August will grow bugs

Sometimes, I just like to take stock of things I've learned in the last couple of days:
  1. Very hot curry, by Pakistani/ Indian standards, is very hot. Though actually not that bad in the mouth, the whole digestion process becomes a kind of journey.
  2. From MacDonald, "Take any of those wicked people in Dante's hell, and ask wherein is justice served by their punishment. Mind, I am not saying it is not right to punish them; I am saying that justice is not, never can be, satisfied by suffering-nay, cannot have any satisfaction in or from suffering." More on that later.
  3. From Mr. Kouhei, If you date a woman once, you can know with a 10% certainity that she likes you. If you date three or four times, you can know with a 30% certainty.
  4. Anything thrown in a garbage can in August will grow bugs.
  5. My sexy swimsuit.