26 August 2005


I've been duped. Why? Well, I'll tell you why. It all starts with my new "part-time" job. 18 hours a week sounded hot, so, so hot. Until I looked at my schedule and found out that most of my classes appear in a kind of 1st period, 5th period, 6th period spread, including classes every Saturday. This means a couple of things for the dude, namely that I have started a six-day Japanese work week and from here on out, will be the bitch-of-bitch to deal with. And also I get to spend long hours sitting at my desk wondering about any number of incredibly frustrating metaphysical questions.

But as every ying has its yang, the teachers at the school are lacking in some serious fundamentals of the English language, thus making my job terribly, terribly easy. How does that make your job easier, dude? you might ask. Well, if ever I get in trouble, I can just make an explanation in English which they "should" understand (the Japanese culture machine of pressure rolls over on top of them) and they will be unable to prove or admit that I am full of hooey. That's right, I said hooey. That's some real poetry for your ass.

Also, I get my own desk and I don't technically have to be there considering deep meta-physical questions if there isn't class. So I'll be spending a lot of time next door, in the park, reading. And learning all about linguistics.

More importantly, I'm going on the date of the century tomorrow, taking the lady to this glitterati party I got invited to because I am white. Anyway, it's just like 30 of us in formal wear, listening to one of the purported best jazz singers in Japan. Will I make a move? I guess only time will tell. But like I said, every ying has its yang.