15 August 2005

Korean Wife Search, Day 7

Now we are searching for wives in Seoul. Instead of a wife, I found some Dr Martens that were so cheap, I bought two pair. Then me and Jim tried to decide if they were imitation or not.

We walked to this park to have a short break from the heat and there were like 700 old people in this park singing and playing board games and hanging out. I saw these three old ladies sitting around with a bag of chips and a 40 of beer, just shooting the shit and keeping it real. Jim said he saw a guy making a beeline for the bathroom with a finger in his ass. We sat and watched the whole thing unfold, like a sick, weird soap opera.

Now, we are back at the hotel which Jim thinks is a shithole, but I find kind of endearing in a rundown sort of way. Plus, they have the internet.

Tomorrow is the museum of modern history and more wife searching, although that looks like it might not be happening. That's okay, there are (is) other (another) women (woman).