01 September 2005

Bob was right (!)

Count this as a rare moment kids — I am publicly admitting that former roommate Robert Allen, was right about Desperate Housewives. Now that I've got over the initial humiliation, I think I can, you know, live a healthy life as a well-adjusted fan of the show. I'm glad to have said that.

My first day at the new job went on without any serious problems. The thing that could do me in is ¥70 strawberry milk in the school vending machine. Also, although I was complaining about the schedule, it turns out the sixth day will be canceled 50% of the time and other classes will be routinely canceled as well. Like next week, I think I have to work a total of 12 hours. Yeah, it's a nice gig if you can get it.

Also, by the way, what the fuck is happening down in New Orleans? I just read this and then having heard earlier that the President basically told the National Guard to mow down looters and then the 6 dollar gas and then the continuing problem that the ocean refuses to give back the city... Seriously, I think President John Kerry would have had the answer to all these problems: that's right, two purple hearts.