24 September 2005


Would you consider it a major strike against me if I admitted I kinda like Maroon 5? I mean, would that totally make me like the biggest loser ever? I imagine for a second old friends asking me this same question, and I have to be honest that if either of them were asking me this question, the answer would be quite obvious.

You know what's interesting? The game Risk. You all remember the game Risk, right? We played the hell out of it in college: Lots of shouting at my roommate and talking advice from a wooden duck umbrella handle. These were good times: Jesus' cherry coke, Jimmy Eat World, that $25 couch, the infamous "Okay, no more gay jokes" summit...

I have played Risk twice in Japan (with other expats), and I'm always surprised about the reaction I get from Japanese when I give a brief explanation of the game. The Japanese don't play games of world-domination, you know, given the bad connotations. I wonder if there is another country where this game is popular. Anyway, playing Risk makes me feel especially American and I don't like feeling especially American. Also I get very angry when people break their agreements with me.

I'm sorry that this picture is now replacing the picture of Yoko as she has a lot more on me as far as the attraction goes. A lot more... ::sighs:: Plus, she doesn't shout at Ben (as far as I know). Oooo, he pisses me off.

You know, everybody mocked Tom Cruise when he hopped up and down on that couch, but I gotta say, I sort of feel it brother.

I started the Birmingham program on Thursday and despite having to sink another 25,000 yen on books, I'm pretty happy about my study of Written and Spoken Discourse. It looks like the shit. One of the ten options I can write on for the first unit is: "Compare and contrast the ways that clause relations are signalled in English and your students', or you own mother tongue, or another language in which you are proficient. Discuss the pedagogic or translation implications of your findings."

I'm going to play some Kanye West in class next week. Stay tuned...