13 October 2005

Deleted things

All sorts of things have happened the last couple of days, but I haven't had the heart to write about them. I'm reading about genre analysis which is interesting enough and also starting to think about my first paper for my first MA module. I think things will come together by the end of the month.

My dad's coming to Japan for the third time and bringing my bike. He will also be the first member of my family to meet Yoko, and maybe the only member to meet her before things get any more serious in all the most wicked and terrible ways.

Speaking of wicked and terrible ways, I'm going to Thailand tomorrow to see, you know, what Thai people are up to. I'm staying next to this weekend market that sells snakes and chickens. So I might buy a chicken.

Which brings me to a new hypothesis that McDonalds is screwing poor people, hardcore. Before I talk about the reasons I think this, I need to do a quick survey: did you enjoy going to McDonalds when you were an impressionable young lad or lass? Why?

(Rant about Fundamentalist Christians and evolution deleted after further thought.)

(Rant about Oprah deleted after further thought.)

Now, I'm not sure why I care so much about that.

I'm trying to decide what hill I'm willing to die on.