18 October 2005

Thai Enlightenment Tour, Day 3

Well, my time of enlightenment has just about come to an end. I've learned a couple of things, mostly about haggling for prices and avoiding prostitutes. I learned some things about not so legit goods as well: If the price of a legit pair of shoes is $150, you can expect to pay about one fifth of that on the "black" market. But if the price of shoes is $90, you again will expect to pay one-fifth of that price. This baffles me because both of the pairs of shoes are clearly not real so it shouldn't matter what they cost in the real world, right? Wrong, my man, wrong. This is troubling me because I could only find some knock off pumas that fit me and puma is an expensive brand I guess.

Also, I just found out there is an exit tax of $15. Bastards.

My room ended up being cheaper than planned though so that's cool. It all evens out.

The buddha here look different than the buddha in Japan. Like the buddha here has a look on his face like he knows something that you don't. I guess he sort of does, but it's kind of creeping me out. I don't want to invite that buddha into my heart.

Tomorrow, Japan will swallow me whole again and I say, go ahead, Japan. I love you too.