19 November 2005

Things from around

I, for one, love all the odd opportunities for voyeurism that blogs provide. My current favorite is the blog of JapaJim, a guy I met a while ago and whose blogs provide the most entertainment for your dollar, I think. He doesn't write often, but I would recommend his latest under the 2005 heading. I was also reading a couple of blogs a while ago by two people whose marriage was dissolving. It was incredible to read and try to see what was really happening past the blogged attempts to make everything sound okay. Anyway, they seemed to have worked things out resulting in less interesting reading. Don't get me wrong, certainly, I'm happy for them personally, but, you know, I miss the drama.

Blogs are great because they consistently prove that perception of events varies greatly depending on who is telling a story. If you can read two people writing about the same event in the case of a couple, it doesn't get any better than that.

Donnie Darko is giving me considerable trouble as I try to go to sleep at night and the wind and the rain are giving me considerable trouble in wanting to continue living.

I've been teaching a class of older folks that I refer to as my *take-a-break-from-your-spouse* class. I was really frustrated initially, but after I lowered the bar significantly and stopped trying to teach anything, it's gotten a hell of a lot better. We had a really, really good time last night. Almost too much fun.

But now? Now, I need to lay my soul on the altar of Japanese Proficiency Test Level II.